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More and more organizations are realizing that custom ECM web applications are required for their different business units and business goals. The problem is how the organization can quickly and cost effectively deploy and support these applications that integrate their ECM systems with their various business systems already in use.

For ECM customers, the challenge for content-enablement can fall into several categories:

  • Simplify and reduce ECM development efforts by standardizing the ECM functionality and interfaces for various applications
  • Provide flexibility and access to multiple content repositories using a unified set of “ECM services”

We have attained a wealth of knowledge and assets for offering “ECM as Services”. The purpose for building a set of unified ECM (web) Services is to provide a framework that clients can re-use to lower the costs and risks of the development and support of their various applications and usage patterns. Our proven ECM reference architectures, designs and solutions are the backbone of some of the largest multi-national ECM deployments.

Sharing Content Intelligently:

When it comes to Enterprise Content Management Solutions, the key to keeping things simple is providing users access to all of the content users need from the interfaces they use every day to do their tasks. One of the best examples of this is an image enabled Accounts Payable (AP) system. Allowing an AP processor to access vendor contracts, view and route invoices for approval directly from their AP system rather than having to launch a separate application is the key to cutting costs and gaining process efficiencies. Contrast that with the average ECM solution. Finding what you want often requires in-depth knowledge of each department’s unique content classification information as well as the numerous options of how to create a structured search for the content you want. The vendor-provided out-of-the-box ECM user interfaces are typically too complicated for an average user and require customizations. Without proper customizations the vendor provided ECM "applications", only give the user partial access to the information they need to complete their tasks.

We specialize in providing solutions that make it easy for business users to find the content they need from the busienss applications they are familiar with. Using todays technology, content-enabling applications if done right, is not costly and will lead to much wider acceptance and usability (of ECM) by business users.

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